Lunch Buffet     $9.95


Mon – Sat: 11:30 am to 2:00 pm
Sunday: 12:00 noon to 2:00 pm
(Excluding Holidays)

SoHo introduces a fresh fusion of serving luncheon variety called Serffet! Combining great table service and a buffet assortment, SoHo’s serffet offers you the attention and exceptional fresh cooked meals when you want it and how you want it. Instead of having to serve yourself at a buffet, now you can customize your own buffet variety right at your table.

Our chefs prepare your food fresh and the wait staff will serve you your customized dishes.

The Best thing about our Serffet is that you can eat endlessly until satiety. SoHo is all about infusing the traditional with the modern, yet upholding the same qualities of providing you with the comfort and dining experience you expect.


To try our Serffet, just follow these 5 easy steps:

1. Select a choice of soup and rice

2. Choose up to 3 appetizers from Section A

3. Pick 1 entree item from Selection B

4. Choose 1 more entree item from Selection C

5. Start all over again from step 1 until you feel satisfied!


**Sharing and take-home are not permitted.**


All U-can-eat Lunch Serffet


Served 7 days a week until 2:00pm (except Special Holidays)

Choice of Hot & Sour Sour or Egg Drop Soup.

Served with steamed white rice, brown rice, or Pork fried rice.


A. Appetizers



Spring Roll (1)



Egg Roll (1)



Crab Rangoon (2)



Chicken Wings (1)



Chicken Fingers (3)



Boneless Spareribs (4)



Shrimp Toast (2)



Gyoza (Japanese Pork Dumplings) (2)



Shrimp Siu Mai (Japanese Style) (2)


B. Entrees



1. General Gau’s Chicken



2. Sweet & Sour Chicken



3. Chicken with Broccoli



4. Chicken with Mixed Vegetables



5. Ginger Chicken with String Beans



6. Chicken with Spicy Tea Sauce



7. Twice Cooked Pork



8. Beef with Broccoli



9. Pepper Steak with Onions



10. Beef Mushroom Chow Yoke



11. Szechuan Shredded Spicy Beef



12. Shrimp with Lobster Sauce



13. Shrimp with Mixed Vegetables



14. Chicken & Shrimp Combination


C. Second Entrees



15. Chicken Chow Mein



16. Pork Egg Foo Young



17. Vegetable Lo Mein



18. Vegetable Rice Noodles

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